Tengu Exits the Denver Ramen Scene

Is the ramen honeymoon finally over in Denver? Tengu, which opened in December 2014 in the Industry building on Brighton Boulevard, is now gone for good. Tengu initially closed for what the ownership called a "spring refresh" on April 14, but then two weeks later, this message appeared on the ramen bar's Facebook page:

only the good die young.

after closing for a spring refresh we analyzed options and have decided to close Tengu for good. we love our ?#?tengufamily? and appreciate all the support, love and slurps shared over the past year and a half. 

There was always an air of mystery to Tengu, with its minimally marked front door (actually a side door on the Industry building), stark white hallway entrance and boiler-room bar beneath the main dining room. But the combination of low visibility with ongoing construction — especially in Industry's parking lot — may have kept noodle seekers from discovering the place.

Over the past eighteen months, Denver's ramen scene has exploded, with Tokio, Katsu Ramen, two locations of Osaka Ramen, Miyako Ra-men Spot, Tycoon Ramen & Sushi and the Ramen House all joining the ramen lineup. Now Tengu is the first to exit.

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