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The Bistro at Stapleton Will Close This Weekend

The Bistro was a gathering place for Stapleton neighbors.
The Bistro was a gathering place for Stapleton neighbors. Danielle Lirette
Just over three years ago, the Bistro at Stapleton threw open its garage doors to neighbors hungry for something a little more mature than typical suburban chain restaurants. And while the eatery had a good run at 2955 Ulster Street, chef Anthony Ramos announced today that this Saturday, June 17, will be the bistro's last day. Increasing competition from an avalanche of new projects was just too difficult to overcome, he said in his announcement on Facebook. Here's the complete message:
Dear Stapleton,
These letters are always hard to write especially when they are built upon so much emotion. We started something special at the Bistro on May 14th 2014 we started a need for the community on this corner in the Middle of the Hood and for 3 years we provided an atmosphere for the people of this area to chill and just be adults. Where the community can come together and enjoy food, wine and spirits By Chef Anthony F. Ramos and Cocktails By Jonathan Benson. We have grown because of Stapleton and this is why we love all of you.
Unfortunately our show is coming to an end!
The opening of the Stanly Market Place and the East Bridge Project it was too much too fast for the community to support. We do want to say this “We fully Support these businesses” Especially East Bridge, Cativella by Eilse Wiggins whom is amazing Chef and friend of mine her food is amazing if you have not been there go don’t miss out. Cativella would be a great place for our wine and cocktail community to hang their hats.
I would like to thank all of our staff past and present who have helped us become what we are. Dude Jon and I love all of you guys more than you know!! You were all an amazing part of this team even if it was for only a brief moment. There are too many to mention but thank you all!!!! It has been an honor to lead you and grind out shift after shift, the good the bad and the ugly with you!!! We are so proud of all of you that moved to bigger things in bigger cities. (no city is better than Denver) I feel honored to have known you all and trust me I needed you all more than you needed me! You have all helped me grow so much over the last 3 years and you all stood by my through thick and thin!! You are all family and I Love every last one of you Thank You!!!
As for us; Now We are going to party the Weekend out!!! We are going to blow the doors off this bitch!!! Ya know we love all of you and we need to make a lot of food and Drink a lot of booze and we can’t do it ourselves!! So come down say goodbye!! Unfortunately Jon is Attending a Family Funtion
Happy Hour All Weekend Long!!!!
Oh and everything is for sale!!! Any of you that asked about antiques and stuff in the building it’s yours!!! We have got to blow out and Get out!!!
Our last day will be 6/17/2017
Thank You,
Chef Anthony Ramos
Seeing a three-year-old restaurant as an established neighborhood institution can be difficult...until you consider the massive changes transforming Stapleton and other parts of the city. New shopping centers like Eastbridge have very little actual "shopping," relying almost entirely on the service industry to draw commerce. And trendy new venues like the nearby Stanley Marketplace are also devoted heavily to food and drink.

At least Bistro regulars will have one more chance to say goodbye.

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