Theorie closes the doors, making way for a sports bar at 1920 Market Street

As Bella, 1920 Market Street served upscale Italian fare. As B-52, it was bar chow. As the site of the Real World: Denver, the space served up mostly melodrama. But when new owners Shane Alexander and Josh Hawkinson took over the LoDo building and turned it into Theorie, they hoped to return the space to its more sophisticated origins, complete with a wine bar.

But those dreams didn't last long. Those owners left last fall, replaced by Paul Piciocchi, who made such a hit with Tryst. And now he, too, has left the building, which will soon become...another LoDo sports bar.

"We took over operation of Theorie at the request of the original building owner about a year ago," Pichiocchi explained in a release, "and while that process went smoothly enough, unrelated issues caused that firm to be unable to retain ownership in the building.The building's new owner has been very gracious in giving Theorie the option to continue as a tenant, but in the end, we mutually agreed it was best for us to turn the space back over to the landlord and allow them to put in new tenant that can create a concept that is a better match for the neighborhood."

Besides, Piciocchi has his hands full. As Lori Midson reported in September, he's putting three smaller venues into the former home of Alto, "the type of venues we've run successfully in the past," Piciocchi said.

Theorie closed for good on October 31.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.