This Hideaway is hidden away in Genesee.
This Hideaway is hidden away in Genesee.
Mark Antonation

There's a Horde of Hideaways in Metro Denver

When Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, restaurateur Justin Cucci’s latest carnival of colors and flavors, opened this past spring at 1215 20th Street, Louise Vigil suddenly started getting phone calls from trendsetters trying to make reservations — before they realized they were dialing the wrong Ophelia’s. Instead of reaching the hip new spot in Ballpark, they had connected with Ophelia’s Restaurant, a modest spot at 5711 Olde Wadsworth Boulevard that Vigil has owned since 1977. 

And Ophelia’s is far from the only duplicate on the Denver dining scene. The Hideaway Kitchen + Bar in Genesee, which Mark Antonation writes about in this week's Chef and Tell, may have a unique menu, but it has a very common name. There’s a Hideaway Tavern at 6171 Olive Street in Commerce City, a Hideaway Bar & Grill at 600 Jerry Street in Castle Rock, and a Hideaway Steakhouse at 2345 West 112th Avenue in Westminster.

In Colorado Springs, the Hideaway, an inn/conference center, is not far in miles — but definitely distant in atmosphere — from Rudy’s Little Hideaway Restaurant.

Across the state, there are numerous Hideaway eateries, as well as Hideaway parks, pools and more hotels. And then, of course, there’s the legendary Herman’s Hideaway, the classic music venue at 1578 South Broadway.

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