Uh, oh: An O Bar for downtown -- and an Obar for Cherry Creek?

Cliff Young and his son, Zachary, are planning to open a bar right around the corner from CY Steak, the restaurant that Cliff opened next to the Diamond Cabaret in October 2009, next September. The name of the spot: O Bar.

"It's something my dad always liked," says Zachary, explaining that it is pronounced like the French "au bar," which means "to the bar." And it also has echoes of the famous Au Bar in Palm Beach, site of yet another Kennedy scandal, and "I like the whole Jackie O thing," he adds. "I'm not so into the speakeasy era as 1950s, 1960s."

As they tried out possible names for the bar at 437 West Colfax Avenue, they kept coming back to O Bar. "We went through a whole bunch of names," Zachary says. "O Bar is the one that got the most response." See also: - Cliff Young adds a chef de cuisine -- and a weekly menu -- at CY Steak - Photos: Jax in LoDo opens with a new look -- and a new menu - Drink of the Week: Green Fairy at CY Steak

But Some responses were unexpected. Dave Query, for example, had plans to call Jax Fish House in LoDo "O-Bar" after its recent renovation was completed, but decided against it when he heard that another downtown O Bar was in the works.

And there could be double trouble in Cherry Creek, too. Now that Noodles & Co. has vacated its original home on East Third Avenue, Little Ollie's, which is right next door, plans to expand into the space, turning it into a bar that will serve tapas, lounge food and sushi. Owner Charlie Huang is working on the design right now, he says, and plans to send it to the Cherry Creek design board for review next week. The concept calls for creating one big, central entrance for both the bar and the restaurant, as well as a large, glassed-in patio area; he says he hopes to have the place open in September.

And the proposed name? Obar.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.