Vegetarian palates get jazzed over Dazzle's happy hour

The happy hour at Dazzle has always been a thing of beauty: $3 craft beers, $4 glasses of wine and an array of foods ranging in price from $3.75 to $6.75, catering to both carnivorous and plant-based palates. There's often live music in the lounge, and all the shaken cocktails come with a dance served up at your table, making Dazzle the perfect post-work stop for a drink while you wait for traffic to wind down. Or you can hit the late-night happy hour.

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The beginning of happy hour on a Monday evening is deceptively slow; already, tables are being earmarked and set aside for larger parties with reservations. As people begin trickling in, the music gets louder, the rattling of the shiny metal cocktail shakers punctuating soulful songs from days past blasting from the speakers. Before long, the musicians -- whether a high-school band or a multiple-piece jazz combo -- will start coming through the door, and then things will really get going; for now, a large part of the draw is the high-quality drinks and snacks for low prices.

Dazzle just celebrated its fifteenth birthday, and many of the happy-hour dishes are old favorites (including the four-cheese mac-and-cheese and the Southwestern grilled cheese sandwich). But Dazzle is also offering a fair number of new menu items, including the grilled amigos plate: grilled avocado with an Anaheim chile, pico de gallo, green chile aioli and queso fresco. Without the cheese, it's a dairy-free dish (although the aioli has mayonnaise in it). The grilled avocado and chile are the crowning glory to this dish, warm and slightly charred from the grill, and the chip-to-topping ratio is perfect.

The quinoa salad features the grain mixed with shredded carrot, dried cranberries and a chilled citrus vinaigrette, which provides a sweet tang. Served cold, it's a filling (and vegan-friendly) appetizer for two people, but it could also serve as a meal for one -- and for $3.75, that's a decent deal.

Dazzle is at 930 Lincoln Street; visit www.dazzlejazz.com or call 303-839-5100.

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