Want soup? Try the new miso ramen at Kokoro

Kokoro, voted Denver's Best Not-So-Traditional Japanese Restaurant in Westword's 2009 best of issue, is leaning a little more toward old school.

The quick-casual, homegrown Japanese mini-chain has added miso ramen to its menu, which already features udon bowls and the more contemporary sobaghetti (yakisoba with vegetables and sauce). The miso ramen is accompanied with the traditional meat, egg and sprouts. What's not so traditional is the corn that comes on top.

But before you go running out to get yourself a bowl, you should know that the only Kokoro in the metro area that's offering the new miso ramen is the one located at 555 Broadway.

Also: It's only available for dinner on weeknights after 5 p.m. and all day on weekends. And according to the ad sent out to homes last week, the soup takes at least 15 minutes to make. But at $6 a bowl, it's an inexpensive dinner that's well worth the wait, especially on those chilly nights ahead.

Kokoro is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Kim Nguyen