Breakfast and Brunch

While Jack-N-Grill Loses a Parking Lot, Santiago's Creates One

Brunch is definitely Denver's favorite meal, but breakfast burritos may be this city's favorite dish. Is there another town in the country where breakfast burrito vendors go from office to office every weekday morning? Is there another city in the country where cars line up so that their drivers can grab a breakfast burrito to go?
We contemplated this after an early-morning piñata run to Piñateria La Fiesta on Federal Boulevard, and then retired with our new friend to the patio at Jack-n-Grill. From this shaded spot, we watched as car after car attempted to pull into the drive-thru at Santiago's — and listened as driver after driver honked at the cars that turned one lane of Federal Boulevard into a parking lot.

And speaking of parking lots, Jack-n-Grill has lost the big parking lot behind the restaurant: A 160-unit apartment building is going in. That means a lot of new customers for this longtime favorite, but it's also going to make it tougher for regulars to reach the place. Hint: The small lot right in back of Jack-n-Grill is still open — but avoid the right lane of southbound Federal on Saturday morning.

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