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Reader: People in Colorado Hate Everyone Not From Colorado, Along With Their Food

Cheese curds at Wally's.
Cheese curds at Wally's. Mark Antonation
The nation celebrated National Cheese Curd Day last Sunday, but every day is apparently now Cheese Curd Day in Denver, with happy patrons invading the new Wally's Wisconsin Tavern and any other bar that serves cheese curds. We recently served up our list of Eight Denver Spots for Wisconsin Cheese Curds, concluding with Wally's, and readers were quick to respond with their own opinions. Says Nick:
Daddy just found his new hangout. Walleye at Wally's, eh!?!?!

Question: Will there be cute, chubby girls on hand who can out-drink every man who enters said establishment?

Follow up question: Will they have bangs and the flannel/sweats combo?
Observes Yates:
Anything that's not from Colorado is never welcome. People from Colorado hate everyone who is not from Colorado, including their food.
Responds Mike: 
This Wisconsinite just bought a home in Denver to lengthen your commute, increase your cost of living, and destroy your "Colorado" culture.
Says Jill Marie: 
C'mon, Westword, who wrote this?! You need a real Wisconsinite to make cheese curd recommendations. Culver's? That's like recommending McDonald's to someone who asks where to get a good cheeseburger. And Midwestern Saloon cheese curds are only that by name. They are mini-mozzarella sticks and taste nothing like what a real cheese curd is. And where is Fort Greene? Best cheese curds in Denver, possibly only rivaled by Wally's, which thankfully you managed to include on the list. From a self-proclaimed cheese curd snob, I have to say I'm very disappointed in this list.
Concludes Sam: 
Further proof Denver is being invaded by cheeseheads.....
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