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Yelp names Biker Jim's and Pho 95 two of the best restaurants in the country

In 2005, a former repo man with a rather impressive rap sheet stemming from a reckless and wild youth plunked down a hot dog cart on the 16th Street Mall, in an area of downtown that already pimped plenty of wiener beaters, but this wasn't your average hot dog cart -- and the guy who started it, Jim Pittenger, definitely isn't your typical wiener slinger. Biker Jim, as he's known locally and nationally -- and on all those Food Network shows in which he's appeared -- was doing something outlandishly different, at least in the hot dog world: He was vending wild game sausages -- wild boar, rattlesnake, elk and reindeer -- and if that weren't enough to raise eyebrows, he was streaking them with ammo, namely cream cheese, that he shot out of caulking gun and then crowning the franks with onions lubricated in Coke. Now, more than eight years, three carts and a brick-and-mortar later, Biker Jim's Dogs was just ranked twelfth in Yelp's 100 Best Places to Eat in the United States list. And Pho 95, which has one location in Denver, and a second in Centennial, placed 71st on the list.

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