Yours Truly, Cupcake now serving liquor-infused treats

Tiffany Rose Goodyear came up with the idea for Yours Truly, Cupcake after winning a cupcake challenge in 2009. Inspired by Denver's burgeoning experimental food scene, she decided to make her cupcakes unique by adding alcohol to the mix.

"Before we introduce a new cupcake, our confectionery bartenders deconstruct a cocktail or beer to identify the main ingredients and subtle flavors," explains Goodyear. "They then use their findings to select complementary baking ingredients to create a perfectly paired, edible libation. After all, there's no age limit when it comes to sweets."

And after three years of catering to events, bars and hotels, she's now set up shop at 3047 Larimer Street.

Goodyear has enlisted the help of chefs Heather Maricle and Tricia Frei, both graduates of the International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Colorado, as well as a team of "cupcake cuties" (servers modeled after 1950s era cigarette girls), and is set to open a public tasting room next month, where customers and clients will be able to sample an array of cupcakes and other sweets. The staff will also provide suggestions for cocktails and beers to be paired with the treats.

Right now, Yours Truly has more than twenty petite and standard-sized alcohol-themed cupcakes, including a rum-infused lime cake Mojito, a frosted ginger cake with acai liqueur, a Coors Light cake and a Whiskey Sour lemon cake with whiskey frosting.

Westword got the chance to try the Silver Bullet Coors cake and the Whiskey Sour today. And while the Coors cake was a bit disappointing both in flavor and choice of beer, the Whiskey Sour had a pleasantly subtle heat from the alcohol that married well with the sweetness of the dessert. All in all, the concept of a cupcake cocktail is certainly an interesting one.

Judge for yourself when Yours Truly, Cupcake unveils its tasting room on Thursday, July 12 with a beer and cocktail party from 6 to 8 p.m. RSVP is required; call 303-638-3528 to do so and check the bakery's Facebook page for more updates.

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Patrick Langlois
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