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Lisa Calderón Appealing Dismissal of Her Lawsuit Against Hancock

12 hours ago by Conor McCormick-Cavanagh
Lisa Calderón is appealing the dismissal of her lawsuit against the Hancock administration.

Long-Awaited Colorado Health Study Finds Significant Risks From Fracking

13 hours ago by Chase Woodruff
"The study found that there is a possibility of negative health impacts at distances from 300 feet out to 2,000 feet."

Holidaily Brewing Welcomes Gluten-Free Food Trucks

15 hours ago by Kristen Kuchar
Regular customers of this Golden brewery decided to start their own food trucks so other gluten-free customers could have food to go with the beer.

Ten Halloween Movies and Horror Flicks Stoners Would Love

15 hours ago by Herbert Fuego
Some are scary, some are weird. All of them are great on Halloween, and even better stoned.

Tool Night Two: Burly Security, Muscular Music, No Room for Error

17 hours ago by Adam Perry
Tool brought a second night of muscular music to the Pepsi Center in Denver.

The Best Kid-Friendly Halloween Fun in Denver

17 hours ago by Linnea Covington
Daytime trick-or-treating, spooky movies and Halloween animals help families celebrate.

The Year-Old Nest Bar Feels Like a Dive Bar Classic on West Colfax

17 hours ago by Sarah McGill
West Colfax Avenue is home to the year-old Nest Bar, which took over after a long string of other bars.

Why Denver Has to Spend Millions on Oil Wells That Don’t Produce a Drop

20 hours ago by Chase Woodruff
"Right now we’re just in limbo. We’re paying to maintain that limbo status."

Face Vocal Band Donates $20,000 to Colorado School Music Programs

20 hours ago by John Bear
The a cappella group that has headlined Red Rocks will be donating thousands to music education programs around the state.

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