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Jack Was Here: Showing you the places Jack Kerouac once was

Jack Kerouac was here. He came here and wrote about it in On the Road, his most enduring work, and fell in love with Denver to the extent that, at one point, he actually bought a house in Lakewood. Yes, Kerouac was indeed here, but one thing that will not be here, apparently, is Francis Ford Coppala's upcoming adaptation of On the Road, the Denver scenes of which he's filming in some tiny town in Quebec.

That makes self-proclaimed Kerouac addict and graffiti artist Theo upset, and he's doing something about it: Specifically, he's been visiting the writer's old haunts and leaving behind silent, stenciled reminders that, wherever Coppala goes, we still claim Kerouac at least partially as our own.

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Jef Otte
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