Five Blazing Product Trends From the NCIA Seed to Sale Show

Hundreds of cannabis businesses were on display at the Colorado Convention Center.
Hundreds of cannabis businesses were on display at the Colorado Convention Center. Jaqueline Collins
Cannabis businesses took over the Colorado Convention Center this week as the National Cannabis Industry Association held its Seed to Sale Show on February 7 and 8. Made up of nearly 1,600 members, the NCIA is one of the largest industry groups in legal cannabis and has been holding annual events in Denver to showcase industry trends and technology for over five years.

The technology around legal cannabis has evolved rapidly since its commercial awakening. Consumer trends and products are constantly changing, and events like the Seed to Sale Show often offer a glimpse into what the future of retail pot will look like. Here are five of my favorite up-and-coming consumer trends from the NCIA convention.

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Jaqueline Collins
Personal Rosin Presses
Rosin has become more popular over the last few years, finding its niche as both a solventless concentrate and something relatively easy to make at home with household equipment. Using a hair straightener and wax paper, users would essentially squeeze the THC out of flower with pressure and heat. However, the hair straightener isn't needed anymore, because at-home rosin pressing isn't just here, it's affordable. Some companies have personal rosin presses for as low as $150, and they're specifically designed to squeeze all the life you can out of those poor little nuglets without stealing your roommate's hair supplies.

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Jaqueline Collins
Cheaper Distillate
Once an expensive luxury because of its higher THC content and lack of impurities, distillate is quickly dropping in price thanks to falling wholesale flower prices, according to Organa Brands president Chris Driessen, who also oversees Organa's vaporizer brand, O.penVape. Another reason to thank falling distillate prices is because of improving technology, says Lab Society's Mark Lolla, who sells the molecular distillation machines that distill butane and Co2 concentrates into a more potent, flavorless form."We're seeing around a 95 percent return on THC and yielding around 75 percent in volume from what goes in there," Lolla explains, pointing to the edibles and vaporizer markets as distillate's largest wholesale buyers. "More people are learning how to make it, and we're doing it faster, better and yielding more," he says. "I think it'll be $5 a gram wholesale in the near future."

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