Claude VonStroke at Beta

Ah, Claude VonStroke. The name screams Eurodouche, and for good reason: It's the nom de beats of Barclay Crenshaw, who came up with it while making up ridiculous European DJ names with friends. But it's a name that's come to mean incredible dance music, whether he's producing, remixing or deejaying. If you need evidence of his talent behind the decks, look no further than Crenshaw's top-notch 2007 Essential Mix, which is still floating around the Internet, or the fact that he was chosen to mix the latest Fabric disc. As a producer, his track "Who's Afraid of Detroit?" was championed by Richie Hawtin as the best of 2006, and his album Beware of the Bird garnered rave reviews. He's remixed everyone from indie dance stars the Rapture to Detroit techno legends. And his sound? A wide-open, free-ranging blend of deep techno, shuffling house, sleazy electro and pretty much anything else in the tech-funk canon that catches his fancy. Call it what you want, it's awesome — and you can hear it Saturday, July 4, at Beta, as part of the all-night (4 p.m. to 2 a.m.) Roots event.


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