Felix da Housecat

You can't talk about house music without bringing up Chicago, and you'd be remiss to discuss Chicago house without dropping Felix da Housecat's name. A central figure in second-wave Chicago house, Felix was the legendary DJ Pierre's protegé, releasing his first single way back in 1987, long before he became owner of the well-respected Radikal Fear Records and the darling of clubbers across Europe. He never moved entirely out of the limelight, keeping his sound fresh through half a dozen side projects and countless collaborations with big industry names. Let's face it: A DJ who's done remix work for such diva superstars as Britney Spears, Madonna and Kylie Minogue has a campy authority denied most club-hopping disc-spinners. Furthermore, da 'Cat can capably juggle more than one yarn ball, throwing down playfully sleazy house/electroclash sets guaranteed to ignite any dance floor.


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