Louisville's lack of eco-hipsters makes it number one

The home page of the Chamber of Commerce in Louisville is out of date. At this writing, it declares the community to be "The # 3 Best City to Live in the United States." However, CNNMoney.com has just declared the burg to be number one on a list of America's best small towns. Why? Because it's so untrendy, apparently. The item begins: "Some towns nestled along the Rockies are full of pretentious eco-hipsters. Not Louisville. Ice cream shops dot the historic downtown. Families grab burgers at the cozy Waterloo Café. A Friday-night street fair, with a beer garden, live music, and games for the kids, runs all summer. No wonder this down-to-earth town has appeared high on Money's Best Places list before -- and on many others."

Hear that, pretentious eco-hipsters? Take your tree-hugging, chaining-yourself-to-bulldozers, global-warming-is-going-to-boil-my-brain selves to Nederland or some other place where your kind is tolerated. Louisville is doing very well without you, thanks.


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