Pop Quiz

1. Colorado is looming large in the national elections. What connection ties Democratic revive-nik John Kerry to the Centennial State?

A. He owns a ski chalet at Sol Vista.

B. He attended Regis University the year before Bill Murray did.

C. He was born here.

D. He was stationed at Fort Carson.

2. After being touted as a write-in for president by the anti-immigration Tennesseans for Tancredo, Congressman T-Squared said:

A. "I'm ready to rumble."

B. "A lot of people think my politics are crazy, but I'm not delusional. I don't think I'm going to be president of the United States."

C. "Thank God I'm a country boy. And this is my country."

D. "Our duty is to the law-abiding, not the law-breaking."

3. According to the Colorado for Dean Web site, Howard's local supporters are planning to be part of:

A. The biggest House Party outreach yet, titled "Super Goal 2004," in which backers invite friends, then talk Howard.

B. An e-mail chain that will link up a majority of this country's computers to view a pro-Howard ad.

C. A minute of silence just before the kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday.

D. A helium-balloon launch designed to reach unaffiliated voters.

4. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, up for re-election this fall, can claim all but which of these as fact?

A. He was once a Democrat but saw the error of his ways and jumped on the GOP juggernaut a decade ago.

B. He is one of 44 chiefs of the Northern Cheyenne tribe.

C. He loves motorcycle riding.

D. He's a Colorado native.

5. Cultural bonus: Much has been made of Howard Dean's status during the Vietnam War. Diagnosed with a bad back, the Yalie:

A. Took up yoga.

B. Skied and waited tables in Colorado.

C. Remained bedridden for a year.

D. Entered medical school, determined to find a cure.


1. C. Kerry was born at Fitzsimons military hospital, where his father was getting over TB.

2. B. Tancredo knows some folks think his policies are crazy. But in Tennessee, they're crazy for him.

3. A. Super Goal: Dip, pigskin and Dean chit-chat.

4. D. Campbell is a Californian by birth -- along with half of this state's residents.

5. B. Dean found refuge in Aspen before heading back East to Wall Street.


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