Zach Lahn: The making of a right-wing folk hero

At this moment in our country's history, celebrity can land on people like a terrible, swift sword -- or the satisfying embrace of a loving reach-around. University of Colorado at Boulder student Zach Lahn is experiencing the latter, figuratively speaking, with the conservative media giving him a lingering hand for challenging President Barack Obama during a healthcare town hall in Grand Junction on Saturday . For every negative blog mention of Lahn's performance, there have been multiple positive ones, ranging from the wet Fox News kiss above and a post that declares, "Bravo to Zach Lahn, for having bigger balls than 99% of the media! I hope this young man's ready for the Joe The Plumber treatment, courtesy of ACORN and SEIU." As for Lahn's own media contributions, he's got a Twitter feed , and although it's protected, requiring his approval for access (I've asked), his bio reads, "Determined Christian Conservative in CO, home state of IA not stopping until everyone agrees w/me. Pro-Life, Pro-Guns, Pro-Reagan, Anti-Big Gov." Bonus: He lists his website as that of the ultra-right Heritage Foundation . Expect him to be hanging out with Newt Gingrich and Charles Krauthammer before the week is through.

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