City, O' City Dishes Up the Best Vegetarian Food, Even for Non-Vegetarians

City, O’ City is the winner of this year's Best Vegetarian Restaurant in our Best of Denver issue, so we thought it would be fitting to return for a bite of a couple favorites. For vegetarians, this place is a safe haven where the ability to order anything on the menu is a reality (what a concept!). You really can’t go wrong, as all of the food is unique and delicious, but it can be overwhelming to suddenly have so many options when you’re used to being restricted to a small corner of the menu. And that’s what we are here for: to guide you toward foodie fulfillment. During a recent visit, we dove into the Breakfast All Day sandwich and a side of Buffalo seitan wings. 

The Breakfast All Day sandwich is, you guessed it, served all day long, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (though it's not available on the late-night menu). This behemoth consists of a fried egg or tofu, french fries, cheddar cheese and hot-sauce aioli on a toasted pretzel bun. When you pick up your entire sandwich and french fries spill out the side, you know you've made the right choice. Of all the breakfast sandwiches out there, this one is the real deal. Even though anything with carbs, eggs and melted cheese will get us out of bed on a Saturday morning (or afternoon), the addition of aioli and fries to the mix steps things up a notch. Because City, O' City is vegan-friendly, tofu can be subbed in for eggs, but for egg eaters, the kitchen knows how to cook them to order, so a sunny-side order results in a runny yolk, where the first bite sends the liquid gold cascading out, creating a second sauce perfect for mopping up with excess bread. No doubt it's a mess — you might resort to a fork and knife — but be sure to chase down those stray fries and use them to gather up every last bit of that creamy, spicy aioli, the perfect complement to fried potatoes. 
City, O' City's seitan wings have been a staple on the menu for years, and for good reason. These fried, meatless delights are a great starter or a side to share with friends. And despite the main ingredient being uncommon outside the meat-free community, these wings are a hit with non-vegetarians, too, because the texture and flavor is savory and satisfying without trying too hard to exactly mimic a real chicken wing. The Buffalo sauce is on point, and the coating is perfectly crispy, making for craveable bar food, vegetarian or not.

Of course we love that City, O’ City gives vegetarians a menu that doesn't provoke negotiations with the server and offers countless options beyond salads and a mixed vegetable plate — and is very accommodating to vegans and gluten-free folks as well. But we also love the inclusive atmosphere. Rather than exclusive to vegetarians, this is a place for everyone. It's surprising how many customers are non-vegetarians but come for delicious food and great service. It’s an eclectic mix, and all are welcome. Now, that’s something we’ll raise our seitan wings to. 

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Chelsea Keeney
Contact: Chelsea Keeney