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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (10 Free!), May 15-17

Although many, if not most, of the events listed here each week are free, it's rare that they are all free. Which is what makes today's 10 for $10 so special — and why there's no excuse not to have fun this weekend. You're going to kick yourself if you don't meet a donkey, check out some art or hang out at a beer party festival over the next couple of days. If this list isn't enough for you, check out the Westword calendar for more events, and please leave us a comment if we forgot anything.

Unveiling of the Youth Media Studio at Youth on Record (3 p.m. Friday, free)
Do something positive to kick off your weekend by visiting the open house for the brand new Youth on Record facility in the La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood. The center is a musical learning lab for teens to come hang out, listen to music and learn the ins and outs of the music industry. Tonight, practice making your own beats, screen print some t-shirts and celebrate a positive force in the community. 

Sarah Rockett: Hide & Seek at PlatteForum (5:30 p.m. Friday, free)
It's always interesting to check out PlatteForum when they unveil a new artist in residence, because not only are the artists great, but the kids they partner with do some pretty awesome work as well. Joining Sarah Rockett and her playful spider-like sculptures forged in bed springs and found material will be kids from the Colfax Community Network. The artists teaches the youth, and vice-versa, for a collaboration to inspire both parties. Check out the opening reception tonight, and be inspired yourself.

Something Borrowed, Something New at Point Gallery (6 p.m. Friday, free)
Art is a reaction to environment. Twelve of Denver's favorite artists have been selected to react to objects in the inventory of Eron Johnson Antiques to bring old-world design into a modern light. Artists like Eric DallimoreCaleb Hahne and others will integrate the old objects into their works and in some cases even recreate them. Just because it's not first Friday, doesn't mean there's not plenty of great shows still popping up.

Valverde Bazaar at Eron Johnson Antiques (9 a.m. Saturday, free)
Check out the works of over 80 local artisans at this little flea market on Saturday. Come on down to grab a Dude Bro Taco and some cool socks from The Shabby Alpaca. That's just a starter suggestion, because the choices at this bazaar are endless. It's gonna be a fun day.

Meet a Donkey Day at Longhopes Donkey Shelter (10 a.m. Saturday, free)
It's too bad that some animals don't get the loving home that they deserve, but it's so wonderful places like Longhopes exists to keep these sweet creatures alive and happy. Meet a donkey, fall in love with them and help keep places like this going with a small donation. Google image search "donkey" and try not to want to meet one after 30 seconds.

Upslope Get Down at Upslope Brewing Company (1 p.m. Saturday, free)
When a brewery throws a party, it really reduces the risk of running out of beer, and puts your mind at ease. So , head up to the Upslope's Flatiron Park location in Boulder for a festival celebrating the end of American Craft Beer Week and the warm weather headed our way. Eight bands across two stages will keep the vibes high, while food trucks will fuel your spirit. Check out the concert schedule here.

Skate Deck Art Show at Megafauna (2 p.m. Saturday, free)
Skateboarding is a discipline that requires its participants to be creative in every aspect — from sic tricks to the creation of the boards, which are made of seven layers of hard Canadian maple. That's why it's great to see a bunch of skateboard decks featured as works of art. Stop by this huge party at Megafauna to see the art and walk the block to check out other businesses who are joining in on the fun; they include Beryl's Beer Co, Smirk and RiNo Supply. Proceeds are going to help out the Stronghold Society's One Gathering Skate For Life, so cruise on down.
Colfax Marathon at Denver Metro Area (6 a.m. Sunday, free)
We all have that one friend that runs, and that will probably be participating in one of the nation's coolest marathons today, so go cheer them on. The race takes place along Colfax Avenue from City Park to Lakewood, so really you could watch it anywhere, but standing around at Sports Authority Field, Sloan's Lake, Confluence Park and the finish line at City Park will be the place to be. Grab coffee from vendors and yogurt samples from Yulu. Support the runners and have a little fun.

South Pearl Street Farmers Market Opening Day at Old South Pearl Street (9 a.m. Sunday, free)
'Tis the season for local markets to start popping up, and the one on Old South Pearl is doing it in a big way. Not only can you pick up some early-season produce, but you can learn a wealth of knowledge to make your life cooler. Learn how to keep bees, preserve food, grow herbs and even make your own soap from stuff laying around the house. Side note: there's always a lot of cool dogs at this one. 

Fashion Denver’s Spring Market Enchantment at Byers-Evans House Museum (10 a.m. Sunday, free)
The Byers-Evans House holds deep historical roots in this city, and Fashion Denver is laying the groundwork for some pretty big branches to add on the Denver history tree. What a cool place to see three fashion shows from local designers, featuring everything from upcycled handbags to wedding dresses. Play some croquet on the lawn and sip on some iced tea for a fun way to spend the day. Check out all the participating designers here.

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Alex Brown is a freelance writer from Denver, Colorado. You can find him around town falling off his skateboard, eating burritos and petting dogs.
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