American Apparel's newest semi-offensive accesory, the "Conical Asian hat"

Oh hello, new accessory from American Apparel labeled under "swimwear." You are called a "conical Asian hat." You are not aesthetically pleasing in a traditional sense, though I'm sure girls on Lookbook.nu will flock to you and your "edginess."

And why are you supposedly edgy? Oh, wait. Could it be because you can be construed as little offensive? Yes, in the olden times, you used to be called a "coolie hat," as in hats worn by coolies -- that's a slang term for manual laborers and slaves from Asia that's rarely used because it's usually seen as offensive. Now you're often called a rice paddy hat or just "rice hat," as AA says, for short.

But really, American Apparel, you should be most ashamed, because who hasn't been there, worn that? The masses at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival were donning them all over and they probably paid way less than $15.

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