Browser game of the week: Armed With Wings 3

It has been almost two years since Sun Studios released Armed With Wings 2, and although we had no idea a third one was coming, it was a welcome sight to see. Armed With Wings 3 is simple to describe on first glance: It's a puzzle-platformer game that tasks you with jumping onto things and, ahem, solving puzzles. However, there is a depth here almost entirely unrivaled in a Flash game.

Interestingly, the game is actually simpler to play than the previous two. You take control of two characters in the game: Leo, the man with sword that likes to punch and slice things, and Eagle, the, uh, eagle that flies around and picks up keys and whatnot for you. The back-and-forth control is great, and although puzzle games have toyed with dual character controls in the past, it still manages to feel fresh and new here. At some points you'll need to have Eagle use pulley handles while Leo moves through doors, or use the eagle to find difficult-to-reach keys and orbs -- y'know, gamey things.

The art style, as you can glimpse from the screenshot, is well crafted and interesting, and the silhouettes manage to create a sense of depth that Flash games don't usually have -- in that respect, too, the third in this series has upped the ante considerably. The game's visuals make it look deceptively simple, but the gameplay experience itself can get incredibly complicated very quickly. It's not exactly the best time-waster in the world, but it certainly manages to look and feel like a "real game," as opposed to some random strange experience.

All that said, the controls are a bit sluggish and difficult to get used to. The platforming itself doesn't feel entirely natural. It's just slightly off -- enough that it's annoying at the outset but not enough to call it a failed experience. You'll get used to it eventually; it just takes a little while.

Play it here.

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Thorin Klosowski
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