Clucking Golden! Anna Cascano, winner of the Denver County Fair's Human Chicken Contest

The premise wasn't the chicken dance -- though that came later -- but humans imitating chickens. The crowd at the 3 p.m. Saturday "Human Chicken Contest" the Denver County Fair's Animal Stage was packed.

"I signed up for this when nobody was here," one contestant remarked, showing some regret.

Eric Fulenwider, Head of the Colorado Poultry Association, judged the contest which featured sixteen contestants ranging from the very young to the middle-aged. He was looking for accuracy in the movements, "You can tell who's been watching them and who's just doing an imitation," he said. The winner, Anna Cascano, got $50 and a blue ribbon.

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After a less-than-believable performance, host Mark Kelly remarked, "Everyone of you [in the crowd] is thinking 'I could have done that,' but they are the ones up here." Yes, and here are some illustrious pictures of those brave enough to take up the chicken-imitating mantle.

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