Crotch Talk

Crotch Talk

As we’ve said before, Coloradans can’t seem to stay out of the news when it comes to undergarments. One local designer has taken our proclivity for exciting new uses for underwear, and translated it into a new business venture.

Heather Arellano, the spotlighted designer for this week, can easily sum up the process that led to her Crotch Talk wear. “The idea came to me while I was sitting on the toilet,” she says.

Whether that explanation kind of grosses you out or, like Arellano, leads you to contemplation and the blossoming of your creative instinct, doesn’t matter too much. She’s firmly on her way to selling her unique product to spice up your daily, biologically-imposed needs.

“The whole going to the bathroom experience is somewhat boring; there’s really nothing all that entertaining about it,” she says. “I thought there should be something there.”

Crotch Talk certainly spices up the experience with sayings, reminders, and jokes written on the inside of underwear that Arellano buys and designs herself. Her business started in January, and her sales have been split between custom ordered underwear and words of her own design that are sold off her website,, and at Reese’s Rocks, a new boutique at 11874 Bradburn Boulevard in Westminster.

Arellano has plans to expand her business soon, so watch out for her entertaining, talking underpants in the future.

-- James Anthofer

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