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Dave Foley f*cks a donkey: Five memorable sketches from a Kids in the Hall alum

If you know Dave Foley, you know the Kids in the Hall. Sure, he fell into the mainstream with News Radio (and rocked it), but he will forever be an inappropriate kid with daddy issues who likes to dress in drag, an icon among comics for when he and his fellow Canadians tore up the sketch-comedy world and paved the way for future laughs. Friday and Saturday night, Foley will be doing five shows at Comedy Works in Larimer Square. In honor of his quippy style and excellence in drag, we're featuring some of his greatest work as a kid in the Hall. With his delivery and timing, what's not to love?

5. "I have a good attitude towards menstruation" What woman doesn't want to hear that a man has a good attitude towards menstruation? Probably all women. But his baby face and smile makes this one of his most memorable monologues. Before the Vagina Monologues, there was the Dave Foley monologue.

4. "The Dr. Seuss Bible" Sometimes reading Dr. Seuss is as difficult as playing a didgeridoo. (That really is an instrument. It just sounds like Dr. Seuss made it up.) To create an entire sketch in Seuss-speak and base it on the Bible is quite a feat.

3. "Strange guy...." One of the classic sketches featuring Foley and his cohort, Kevin McDonald, with whom he shared a special chemistry that led to sketch after sketch of awkward situations.

2. The whores... with a sock puppet What is a collection of Dave Foley without some drag? The whores of Kids in the Hall were some of the series' most enduring characters, and Foley shined as the hot foreigner. You may never look at sock puppets the same way again.

1. "Censored Sketches" Ok, so this is actually three different sketches, but thank Foley they rolled it into one. The great, "Hitler Fucks A Donkey," is what brought the collection together. The other two are simply bonus brilliance.

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