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Married at First Sight Recap: Happy Couple Quickly Crumbles During Honeymoon

Two Denver couples are now on the rocks only three days after marrying complete strangers.
Lauren and Orion pose for wedding portraits moments after tying the knot — and meeting each other for the first time.
Lauren and Orion pose for wedding portraits moments after tying the knot — and meeting each other for the first time. Poppy & Co. Kelsey Huffer
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Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Things took a turn for the worse during the fifth episode of the Denver-based season of Married at First Sight. On only their third day of marriage, two of the four couples are on very shaky ground. At this rate, it will be a feat if the strangers are still together by the end of the show's eight-week run time, let alone for the rest of their lives.

During this latest episode, the newlyweds kicked off their honeymoon trips in Cancún — paddleboarding, hammocking and downing trays of tequila shots (thank God for their mile-high-altitude alcohol tolerance). Between learning their spouses' names, the lovebirds also found time for a group debrief session to brag about how well their brand-new relationships are going.

Becca and Austin sported matching Hawaiian shirts and high-fived over having no issues so far. Lauren, Orion, Emily and Brennan gave similar reports, leaving only Clare and Cameron to admit that marrying a complete stranger isn't so easy. Clare said they're still learning about each other, while Cameron relayed he's jealous they're not progressing as well as the other couples. But Clare and Cameron soon wouldn't be the only ones whose honeymoon bubble burst.

Here's what happened on the "Take Me Down to Paradise City" episode of Married at First Sight, which aired November 15:

Lauren and Orion
This former sickeningly sweet couple spent the beginning of the episode deciding how many kids to have, discussing how Orion keeps his pubes "low and soft," and declaring they're "pretty good at this marriage thing!" Boy, did they speak too soon. The last minutes of the episode saw an incredibly tense argument between the pair. While discussing whether they had used racial slurs in the past, Lauren commented that she never knew what the term "redskin" meant. Then she looked at her Indigenous husband's sunburned face and laughed, "Oh, I do. I just looked at your face." Orion did not find this funny.

As Orion criticized Lauren's "ignorance," she accused him of treating a joke from a Black woman differently than a joke from a white man (referring to the last episode when Cameron said the honeymooners need to be careful “not to leave the reservation,” instead of the “resort”). Orion said Lauren was minimizing her words, while Lauren argued she's learning what's okay to say in their relationship. Judging by next week's episode preview, the mood won't lighten for the couple any time soon: It showed Orion angry about Lauren having had sex with someone two months before they met. He even said the revelation "takes sex off the table" for him. Yikes all around.

Becca and Austin
In happier news, Becca and Austin are still perfect for each other. Last week's preview of Becca crying turned out to be because she wasn't feeling well enough for a cold midnight swim with her husband, since she recently had surgery. Austin reassured her and said he admires how strong and capable Becca is with her health issues. They sat on the pool bar instead, gushed over being the "same kind of weird," and discussed how they both believe in aliens and are not scared of death. "I might have someone who is the one,” Austin later said in a private interview. Becca agreed, saying, “This feels right." Maybe this couple will actually make it to the finale.

Clare and Cameron
After last week's downward spiral, Clare and Cameron tried to pick up the pieces and enjoy their honeymoon. But there could not be less chemistry between these two. Cameron sleeps in, Clare wakes up early. Cameron wants physical touch, Clare wants space. Cameron (a passionate bike shop owner) doesn't go to therapy, and Clare (a therapist) questions whether he gets bored fixing bikes all day. The therapy talk got a bit heated when Cameron said he doesn't go because "things that I need find me when I need them." Clare called Cameron's way of thinking "privileged," and said it sounds like he has no drive. Then she said it's cool they can talk about this without it being an argument. If this is Clare having a conversation, I'd hate to see her in an argument.

Emily and Brennan
Things took a step forward for Emily, who has been fiending to jump into bed with Brennan since their wedding day. Though the couple is still celibate, Emily said they took a "PG-13," "mostly naked" shower together. However, the action came to a halt when she slipped on the bathroom floor and injured her wrist. Undeterred, Emily later asked Brennan if he was ready for sex, and he said they're "getting there." Besides the lack of progress in the bedroom, Emily and Brennan are getting along well. Both big workers, Emily said they will be a "power couple," while Brennan noted he's always wanted a partner who "understands the grind." As cringe as that is, the show needs some cheesiness.

For more drama in paradise, tune in to the next episode of Married at First Sight, on Wednesday, November 22.
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