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Married at First Sight Recap: As the Honeymoon Ends, So May One Relationship

A Denver couple might break the record for the shortest marriage in the reality show's history.
Lauren and Orion pose for wedding portraits moments after tying the knot — and meeting each other for the first time.
Lauren and Orion pose for wedding portraits moments after tying the knot — and meeting each other for the first time. Poppy & Co. Kelsey Huffer
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Our newlyweds are heading home to Denver, but one marriage might not survive the return trip.

On the seventh episode of Married at First Sight, the four couples enjoyed the final days of their Cancún honeymoon before flying back to real life in the Mile High City. Next, they'll move into an apartment together and begin trying to combine their lives — the true test, as they will soon decide whether to divorce or stay married to the complete stranger they were assigned by the reality TV show’s “relationship experts.”

The lovebirds spent most of the episode reflecting on the honeymoon. Becca and Austin took the "ignorance is bliss" approach; they decided not to share meaningful details with each other to "build a foundation" before fighting. Lauren and Orion, on the other hand, dove head-first into conflict, calling the honeymoon "a roller coaster."

“I’d rather get all the loop-de-loops out now," Lauren said. But before they even left for the airport, Lauren and Orion were already on the verge of divorce.

Here's what happened on the "A Honeymoon Rockier Than the Mountains" episode of Married at First Sight, which aired November 29:

Lauren and Orion
After Orion learned that Lauren had sex two months before their marriage (and first meeting) in the last episode, he took sex "off the table." He backtracked later in the evening when Lauren called him out for being judgmental and slut-shaming. Orion claimed there was another reason why he said he wouldn't have sex with his wife, but seconds later, admitted that there actually wasn't. After a night of Orion crying and saying he had failed Lauren as a husband by being too critical, he woke up ready to shift the blame.

Once again, Orion was angry at Lauren — for the "red skin" joke she made two episodes ago. Though Lauren had apologized and Orion had seemingly forgiven her at the time, he said he "cannot stop thinking about" the offensive comment, and doesn't know if they can come back from it. In an off-screen blow-out fight, Lauren said Orion told her she had attacked his community and culture and failed their marriage. Lauren then took off her wedding ring and said she wanted a divorce. She later attempted to reconcile, but Orion maintained that he "can’t get past what was said.” Whether the couple becomes the new shortest marriage in Married at First Sight history will be revealed next week.

Becca and Austin
Small cracks continue to show in this formerly picture-perfect couple. Despite Becca's efforts, the pair have still not had a single serious conversation about their beliefs or future. After a lot of prodding, Becca finally got her husband to tell her his religion: "Plain old Christian," he said. That was a leap from when she had first asked and Austin replied, "I’ve never heard of religion.” Austin is apparently also avoiding talking about his marriage. In a group discussion, Becca beamed about their perfect honeymoon, launching into a monolgue about how she was so happy to be paired with "the weirdest person that has ever lived." Austin responded with only, "Same." Ew.

Clare and Cameron
Cameron was absent from most of the episode, having to go to a hospital after diving too deep in the ocean and seemingly developing an ear infection. But he made up for it when he returned to the resort with a massive bouquet of roses for his wife. Clare was elated by the gesture. Even before the roses, Clare said "the attraction is developing" between the previously painfully awkward pair. Cameron hurt the romantic vibes a bit when he said, “If we were dating, we wouldn’t throw ourselves at each other” in front of the entire group. But for this couple, I'll take what I can get.

Emily and Brennan
Things started off well with the couple's first religion talk — Emily agreed to convert to Judaism for Brennan, as long as Brennan converts to being a Broncos fan for Emily. But the red flags were flying during a friendly game day. After Brennan let Emily win at basketball, ping-pong and ladder toss while she played with an injured hand, she jokingly asked, “Do you know how to have fun? You’re letting me win.” Brennan snapped, “Why’d you ask that? ... You think I only care about winning? ... What the fuck?” Emily apologized, and Brennan said he wasn't mad: “Trust me, you’ll know when I’m mad.” We might see that anger sooner rather than later, as next week's episode preview showed Emily in tears and Brennan asking for some days apart before they move in together.

For more toxic relationships, tune in to the next episode of Married at First Sight, on Wednesday, December 6. 
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