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Denver Pop Culture Con Announces First Round of 2020 Celebrities

Critical Role cosplayers at Denver Pop Culture Con 2019.
Critical Role cosplayers at Denver Pop Culture Con 2019. Danielle Lirette
Denver Pop Culture Con has announced its first round of special guests for the 2020 iteration. The ninth annual convention will take place at the Colorado Convention Center over Independence Day weekend, July 3 to 5.

The DPCC 2020 dates had some fans celebrating and others concerned, as we reported when the Fourth of July weekend dates were announced last fall. Fans have continued to express both outrage and excitement on social media in the months since. One fan reported “feeling furious” that “long-standing family traditions…will have to come first,” but another said, “This will be the perfect way to spend the holiday.”

The majority of the comments and questions from fans had to do with wanting to know who the special guests are this year, especially since DPCC teased that this year would see “guests who play or create characters that celebrate America’s birthday (hint, hint).” So far, only one set of guests seem to connect with that “hint, hint,” but there are a lot more announcements scheduled in the coming months.

Here's what we know so far:
Fans saluted patriotism back at Denver Comic Con 2013.
Danielle Lirette
Comic artist Joel Gomez
Best known for his work at Wildstorm Productions (Gears of War, Flashpoint: Reverse Flash, Detective Comics), Gomez has worked as both penciler and inker for many of the biggest companies in comics.

Comics artist and writer Kevin Eastman
One of the two creators of the heroes in a half-shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman has been doing more over the years than just counting his cartoon and toy-line money. He’s worked extensively in both magazines (Heavy Metal) and comics (Tundra Publishing) for many years, and even appeared in a number of movies, including Toxic Avenger IV: Citizen Toxie.

Smallville’s Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum
The dynamic duo of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor (at least in the early years of this classic superhero TV series) comes to Denver for a super-signing and meet-and-greet. Whether you’re a fan of the “no capes” series, a Superman fan, or if you’re just looking for a supervillain team-up with uber-nemesis Luthor, you won’t want to miss this super-opportunity.

The Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz and Mike Nesmith
Oh, if only Davy Jones and Peter Tork were still around to join their old Monkees pals at DPCC this summer. You know, people say they monkey around, but they’re too busy singing to put anybody down. They’re just trying to be friendly... Whether or not they choose to sing and play at DPCC has yet to be announced, but chances are good that they still have something to say.

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Wil Wheaton....inimitable, like we said.
Gage Skidmore at Flickr
The Inimitable Wil Wheaton
What does one say to advertise the convention appearance of Wil Wheaton in 2020? Do we go all the way back to his infamy love-to-hate-him Wesley Crusher years on Star Trek: TNG? Maybe his classic role as Gordie in the still-popular film Stand by Me? Or is he best known these days for playing himself all those years on The Big Bang Theory? No matter: All those Wil Wheatons will be signing autographs with a big Wil Wheaton smile.

Disney Princesses
If you’re a huge Disney fan, especially of the various princesses, DPCC has a panel tailor-made for you (probably by a tiny team of seamstress mice). Appearing at the convention at various times throughout the weekend are Jodi Benson (Ariel), Linda Larkin (Jasmine), Irene Bedard (Pocohontas) and Paige O’Hara (Belle).

Authors Audrey Brice and Laurel McHargue
Brice (the Thirteen Covens series) and McHargue (the Waterwight trilogy) are only the first two in what’s sure to be a much longer list of authors appearing at DPCC 2020…and the great thing about authorial guests is that their signatures and meet-ups are included in the price of admission, right there in Authors Alley. Fans can bring their own books or buy them from vendors in Merchant Mesa.

Denver Pop Culture Con takes place July 3 to 5 at the Colorado Convention Center. Ticket prices vary and are available at the DPCC website.
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