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Denver proudly flies the flannel flag, according to company's flannelytics department

Aaron Thackeray

Paul Bunyan loved it. So did Nirvana and Pearl Jam. And yet Denver seems to be in therapy when it comes to flannel. Our neurosis over the simple worsted wool garment is that flannel ties us so closely with Colorado's back-to-nature roots when we are making every attempt to appear cosmopolitan. Well, Denver can finally get off the couch; flannel may be the very thing that makes us hip.

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In a recent study by the Duluth Trading Company's department of "flannelytics," the Mile High City ranked fifth on a list of the Top 10 Flannel Cities.

The top city was -- no surprise, here -- Seattle, but it was followed by Boston, San Francisco, which aren't exactly backwater towns, and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Taking up the remaining spots: Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, NYC and Chicago.

So, how did the company conduct the study? Duluth Trading Company spokeswoman Cassie D'Kae explains that the flannelytics department looked at volume of Google search data about flannel in each city and then weighted it by population.

And while some of us would never want to be caught mid-Google search for flannel, Denver is in pretty good company when it comes to the nation's most cosmopolitan towns, so maybe we should just embrace it by taking a page from Cedar Springs, Michigan (which didn't even make the list), and host a flannel festival. A festival with floats, a queen, a 5k run and, yes, a lumberjack breakfast.

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