Don't Look Now, But It's "You've Got the Look"

Don't Look Now, But It's "You've Got the Look"

For the sleep-deprived, one of the benefits of being awake at 4 a.m. Saturday morning is being able to catch a rerun of Gunsmoke on TVLand. But that wasn't Miss Kitty on the screen this weekend.

No, it was the fourth installment of You've Got the Look, a train wreck of a reality series with one-time supermodel Kim Alexis in the Heidi Klum role, and a host of 35-plus would-be fashion models throwing themselves under the train. On week one, the wannabes got cut down to ten contenders. On week two, the 63-year-old took a dive -- as did the sad mother who missed her boys almost as much as she missed her shag haircut. On week three, it was the tough, tattooed bodybuilder.

And as a consolation prize for staying awake for this early a.m. repeat, on the fourth episode Melissa (who likes her long legs and boobs) and the insufferable Roxanne. Who at least is a redhead -- like Miss Kitty.

Watch for episode five at 8 p.m. Wednesday (MST). We're rooting for fifty-year-old Celeste (even if she does know Beverly Johnson). We might have gone for Tanya, but her outfits make us too nervous. And Festus would never approve.


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