Eight Denver-Inspired Costumes to Rock This Halloween

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When choosing a costume, creativity is key, especially if you want to avoid cliché pop culture choices or the same old traditional options. This Halloween, why not look for inspiration around our great city, with its never-ending stream of colorful characters, iconic symbols and inside jokes? Here are some suggestions for Denver-inspired costumes.

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Casa Bonita Staff The pink and white tower on Colfax brings back all the adventure and memories of childhood birthday parties. Haven't we all aspired to be one of the death-defying divers, though we knew the gorilla was always a backup option? Get together a group of friends and be the Casa Bonita gang. Bonus tip: Hand out sopapillas wherever you go.

Blucifer If you'd like to opt out of the traditional zombie or vampire, and choose a more frightening option, costume yourself as Denver International Airport's official greeter, the unbeloved Blucifer, aka "Mustang," the red-eyed sculpture that killed its own creator, sculptor Luis Jiimenez, in a freak accident. Don't forget the blazing red contacts!

Other Denver Sculptures Denver has no lack of iconic statues. Dress up like a big, blue bear and constantly lean over, peering into windows like Lawrence Argent's "I See What You Mean" bear at the Colorado Convention Center. Or dress in all white with a friend, and spend the night running around each other and posing like the dancers in the DCPA Sculpture Park. Go even more abstract by grabbing your significant other and dressing as Claes Oldenburg's giant broom-and-dustpan sculpture "Big Sweep" at the Denver Art Museum.

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A Denver Construction Worker The real super villains terrorizing the streets of Colorado are workers donning florescent orange vests, moving at glacial speed and occupying the majority of vital Denver roads, ruining your morning commute and adding stress wrinkles to your forehead. Everyone has one particular pet peeve regarding roadwork, whether it's Sixth Avenue or Highway 36. Work through your frustration, and embrace the old adage, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Bonus tip: Buy a ROAD WORK sign, and devote the night to getting in everyone's way.

Emo Denver Sports Fan Denver fans are used to heartbreak. Just when we think this this is finally our year, the team lets us down. Let go of your optimism, and embrace the hopelessness. Choose any sports team and spend the night wallowing about how close they were to winning it all. It's could be your last chance to wear your Super Bowl XLVIII shirt. Just make sure to match it with plenty of black eyeliner.

Retro Denver Commercials Denver business have a knack for creating wacky commercial characters that have been ingrained in our memories. There's the gang at Rocky's Autos, Jake Jabs from American Furniture Warehouse, Dealin' Doug, "Strong Arm" Frank Azar or the Natural Grocers spokeswoman. Transport yourself back to a time before we could fast forward through commercials, and deck out as a beloved Denver commercial icon.

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Molly Brown Why be slutty, when you can be historical? Molly Brown is a Denver hero who never gets enough love. Deck out in pearls and a fabulous Victorian dress, and party like you're a socialite from the early 20th century. The reference is just hipster enough to impress your friends, and if any buffoon asks you who you are, just tell them you're Kathy Bates from Titanic.... Bonus tip: Drench yourself in water, and spend the night telling everyone you're unsinkable.

Dispensary Staff No need to dress as a cannabis crusader this Halloween. Revel in the new legislation, and celebrate the fact you can buy a THC treat to go with your morning coffee. Pick up a shirt from your favorite dispensary, or create your own by thinking up a new pot pun. But be warned, with the number of dispensaries around town, don't be surprised if people don't realize you're in a costume. Bonus tip: Find an old-school, '50s fast-food uniform and accessorize with your favorite pot paraphernalia.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.