Emilio Estevez memoir? Let's hope it includes gratuitous Estevez jokes

It's about time. Yesterday, the illustrious Emilio Estevez announced that he and his father, Martin Sheen, are working on a joint memoir; it's called Along the Way, and they're looking to release it on Father's Day 2012. Now, we don't necessarily care all that much about Martin Sheen, but we've basically been waiting on an autobiographical work from Estevez since his paradigm-shattering turn as Gordon Bombay in the seminal 1992 film The Mighty Ducks; he's just hands-down the greatest actor of our time. It's a while longer to wait, but in the meantime, we're hoping against hope that it includes a section devoted to the most awe-inspiring component of his legacy: the Emilio Estevez joke.

Not familiar with that joke? Basically, all you have to do is think of a word that includes an "est" sound, add "evez" to it, and then think of a question where the answer could incorporate those sounds. This does not sound funny, we realize, but the more you think about it, the more it is. Here's an example:

Q: What do you call Emilio Estevez staking his claim in the Wild West?
A: Emilio Manifest Dest-evez.

"Ha, ha, well, that's mildly funny," you might be saying -- and if you are saying that, you are dead wrong. Because it's awesome. Here are a few more to mull over:

Q: What do you call Emilio Estevez after he spills gravy on his brand-new three-piece suit?
A: Emilio Just-messed-his-best-vest-evez.

Q. What do you call Emilio Estevez telling a story within a story?
A: Emilio But-I-digress-tevez

Q: What do you call Emilio Estevez doing pretty much anything?
A: Emilio I-am-the-best-evez.

These are just a few of the potentially endless (tevez) variations; come up with your own and put them in the comments section. If you come up with some good ones, I guarantee we will be extremely impressed-evez.

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