Estrela Bartending School offers a free class tomorrow, you shiftless layabout

If you've ever wanted to have some sort of educated-sounding title but didn't want to go through the rigamarole of academia, then consider the time-honored baccalaureate of hipsters, prisoners and the unemployed everywhere: mixology, the only degree besides communications that directly involves booze. Of course, degrees require money, and you don't have any -- but luckily for you, Estrela Bartending School is offering a free class tomorrow at 11:30 a.m., the perfect time to fit in your schedule, which is, as of now, pretty much unoccupied.

The downside: Space is limited, and only the first 20 people to RSVP will get spots -- to get yours, email breck@estrelabartending.com -- and do it quick. Also, it's only one class, which we're guessing is roughly enough time to learn how to make a pretty decent julep.

The upside: What the hell else have you got to do? At least you might learn something, which is more than you can say for watching an eighth episode of Judge Judy. And besides, that julep just might hit the spot when you're still unemployed come summer.

Estrela Bartending School is located at 925 South Niagra Street, Suite 510.

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