Fifteen Women Street Artists You Need to Know in Denver

Sandra Fettingis's mural at an abandoned car wash called Project Colfax.
Sandra Fettingis's mural at an abandoned car wash called Project Colfax. Lindsey Bartlett
In the macho graffiti and street-art arenas, women's perspectives are not just welcome, but necessary. The styles represented by each of the Denver artists in our list below are neither delicate nor flimsy, but supremely badass. An outdoor canvas gives each piece's message an urgency and power that's lacking in similar works framed on a gallery wall.

Like most Denver creatives, these women have a wide range of vocations, from full-time gallery staff to graffiti artists, business owners, curators, world travelers and even spiritual healers. Here are fifteen street and studio artists who kick ass and just happen to be women.
A modest Anna Charney stands next to a recent street-art piece painted in the RiNo Art District.
Anna Charney on Instagram
1. Anna Charney

2. Amanda Marie

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Awol works on her piece for Crush 2016.
Lindsey Bartlett
3. Awol

4. Chelsealyn Graeber

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This mural by Gemma Bayly was recently honored in our Best of Denver 2017 edition.
Gemma Bayly on Instagram
5. Gemma Danielle Bayly

6. Girlie

Alexandria Jimenez hand-painting a piece for the Birdseed Dumpster Project.
Lindsey Bartlett
7. Alexandria Jimenez

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