Five Best Places to Find Lumbersexuals in Denver

This fall Gear Junkie introduced us to the lumbersexual. Described as a flannel-wearing outdoor enthusiast with an unkempt beard, the lumbersexual can be found barhopping with his MacBook Air in tow. Since the term was coined, the world has become infatuated with finding these bearded men -- and this obsession has inspired the creation of social media sites like Bristlr, Hair Trigger and Your LL Bean Boyfriend, all of which help locate and celebrate lumbersexuals. To do our own bit in tribute to those with beards, we've come up with our own list of the five best places in Denver to find lumbersexuals.

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5) Forest Room 5 2532 15th Street A little scruff goes a long way here. Bearded gents can be found at this iconic Denver hipster bar, downing the $3 Forest Room 5 monthly canned beer. As an added lumbersexual bonus, you're likely to find a handful of flannels and beanies here, too. 4) Hi-dive/Sputnik 3-7 South Broadway Whether you're crossing from the bar to the restaurant or vice versa, at some point you'll shimmy up next to lumbersexual here. Beards go great with shows and plates of hush puppies (watch for crumbs!), and with the wide variety of bands coming through Hi-dive, there will be plenty of beards available for stroking.

Keep reading if you're on the hunt for beards in Denver.

3) Punch Bowl Social 65 Broadway What's more hipster than bowling? Punch Bowl Social's bowling lanes are a big draw for lumbersexuals. Those beards and the Brawny paper-towel guy look may give you the idea that they prefer to be outdoors, but truthfully they enjoy the easy entertainment of cheap PBRs and nocking down some pins while nice and warm indoors. 2) Museum of Contemporary Art Denver 1485 Delgany Street It doesn't matter what exhibit is showing at the MCA -- there's bound to be a line of beards somewhere in there. From now through April, you can catch the beards hanging around Mothersbaugh's prints and sculptures. 1) Goodwill 21 South Broadway You'll spot some of Denver's better beards walking down Broadway, but if you really want to shop for the best, head to the T-shirt racks in Denver's favorite Goodwill. Thrifting is a favorite pastime of most hipsters -- and arguably the favorite of the lumbersexual subset. After all, they need to keep up their supply of Eddie Bauer flannels and work boots.

Show me your beard and tell me where you're hiding in Denver at @laureneverytime.

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