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Fort Collins badass Jim Davidson to appear on I Shouldn't be Alive tonight

Let's say you're trying to get to the top of Mount Rainier in Washington State. You're walking along with your buddy across a snow bridge, and all of a sudden it collapses, plunging you into an 80-foot-deep crevasse, causing an avalanche and killing your buddy, leaving you stranded at the bottom of two sheer, ice-covered cliff faces with no climbing partner and almost no hope for survival. What do you do? If you're Jim Davidson, a bona-fide badass from Fort Collins, you rally up and climb the fuck out of there.

Tonight, Davidson -- who is also maybe the best-qualified motivational speaker in the history of motivational speakers -- appears on Animal Planet's I Shouldn't be Alive to tell his story and enter the proud echelon of folks who have defied death in absurdly dangerous situations. Seriously, I Shouldn't be Alive is one of the most harrowing situation-reenactment shows out there.

It won't be the first time Colorado folks have been featured on the show, either. Just to give you an idea of how insane some of these situations get, here's a promo for the story of Justin Kirbride, who crashed a plane into a remote area of the Colorado mountains. He finally managed to get a signal on his cell phone and get rescued, but then the rescue helicopter crashed:

And that's not even that intense an episode -- Davidson's will be way worse. That episode, "Killer Crevasse," premiers tonight on Animal Planet at 8 p.m. RMT and then again at 10 p.m.

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