Ten Things to Do in Denver for $10 and Under This Weekend

Bid a bawdy and bosomy farewell to El Charrito with Lady Lavender at the Brunchlesque Pajama Party on Sunday, December 2.
Bid a bawdy and bosomy farewell to El Charrito with Lady Lavender at the Brunchlesque Pajama Party on Sunday, December 2. Lu Photographie
The remaining days of November may be disappearing faster than Thanksgiving leftovers, but Denver's creative community continues to ensure that the city is overstuffed with entertainments. With bawdy burlesque and classical music concerts to comedy shows and Christmas festivals on offer, only the very dullest of Westword readers will encounter boredom during the days ahead. Live large while pinching every possible penny; keep reading for ten great events that cost $10 or less (fine print notwithstanding) to enjoy.

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Courtesy of TEDxMileHigh
TEDxMileHigh: Immigration in America
Thursday, November 29, 6 to 9 p.m.
Museo de las Americas

In the midst of a fear-mongering political climate fraught with hateful rhetoric and civil-rights abuses, reckoning with the history of immigration in America is more vital than ever. While today's level of vitriol seems to have reached an unprecedented peak, the concerns of immigration have plagued our union since its very foundation, starting with the slow genocide of Native populations and followed by the continued exploitation of migrant and slave labor. TEDxMileHigh has enlisted a quartet of storytellers to provide insight into the journey that refugees and asylum-seekers endure to escape famine, persecution and warfare in the hope for a better future. The three-part workshop includes presentations from Aminta Menjivar, Eriko Tsogo, Jorge CastaƱeda and Meta Sarmiento, who all hail from separate corners of the Earth to unite in the same message of inclusion. Find out more on the TEDxMileHigh events calendar.

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Courtesy of Erin Stereo
Vinyl Jeopardy
Thursday, November 29, 7 to 9 p.m.
Mercury Cafe

Spin it to win it at Vinyl Jeopardy, a brain-teasing and ear-pleasing musical trivia contest hosted by the Best of Denver Award-winning DJ Erin Stereo. Test the mettle of your memory in signature games like "Who Sampled What?" and "Name That Tune," as Vinyl Jeopardy finds a new home at the Mercury Cafe, one of Denver's most art- and earth-friendly venues, eateries and gathering places. And for readers who aren't sufficiently enticed by toe-tapping gamesmanship, the extensive record collection and beat-matching prowess of Thursday's headlining DJ, Neon Brown, should be enough to leave you aching to get your booty shaking. Admission is $5 at the door; learn more on the Mercury Cafe's Facebook events page.
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