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Free for All: The Five Best Free Events This Week

Join Altius String Quartet at St. John's Episcopal Cathedral on Friday, November 16, for an evening of chamber-music classics.
Join Altius String Quartet at St. John's Episcopal Cathedral on Friday, November 16, for an evening of chamber-music classics. Courtney Huffman
As Monday morning rears its sleepy head, many Denverites may feel like the upcoming week has nothing to offer but dropping temperatures and workaday drudgery. And while there may indeed be instances of both unpleasantries in the days to come, Colorado's creative community remains committed to entertaining the public no matter how far the mercury falls. Hobnob with authors, enjoy world-class concerts, or seize a pre-holiday opportunity to shop for handmade goods. Keep reading for the five best free events in Denver this week.

CU Faculty Tuesdays: Violin to Harpsichord
Tuesday, November 13, 7:30 p.m.
Grusin Music Hall

It's impossible to imagine the musical evolution from the Baroque to classical eras without the influence of Johann Sebastian Bach, but many of the Old Wig's favorite compositions have been lost to time. Among Bach's nearly lost works is a version of the Chaconne for Solo Violin adapted for the harpsichord — Bach specialized in creating protean music that sounds equally lovely on a wide array of instruments — but thanks to a reconstructed version compiled by University of Colorado Baroque Music Performance Chair and Professor of Harpsichord Robert Hill, Boulderites can hear the rarely performed masterpiece for themselves. Join Hill at his debut solo recital, or visit the CU Faculty events calendar to watch a live stream of the performance.

Harm Reduction Action Center
The More You Know Workshop
Thursday, November 15, 4 to 5 p.m.
Vicki Myhren Gallery

Challenging decades of Reaganite anti-drug hysteria with facts, compassion and a commitment to saving lives above all else, the Harm Reduction Action Center is dedicated to providing humane and non-judgmental addiction treatment that emphasizes preventing overdoses and the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C. In honor of the upcoming World Aids Day on Saturday, December 1, Harm Reduction Action Center head Lisa Raville leads a workshop aimed at dispelling widely held misconceptions about the opioid epidemic and advocating for a new approach to solving it, grounded in a mix of kindness and data. Visit the Harm Reduction Action Center's Eventbrite page to register for a seat and find more details.

Amongst The Liberal Elite Book Trailer

So that book I keep talking about? Here's the trailer. #amongsttheliberalelite #imovieishard

Posted by Elly Lonon, Writer of Wrongs on Monday, October 8, 2018

Amongst the Liberal Elite
Thursday, November 15
Tattered Cover LoDo

Whoever said "Getting woke is easy" is really letting their privilege show. Adapted from a gently satirical McSweeney's column, Elly Lonon's Amongst the Liberal Elite follows a couple of urbane kombucha drinkers on a sojourn through Trump country fraught with uncomfortable realizations and underwhelming tourist traps. Lonon, a self-proclaimed "Writer of Wrongs," is incisively funny on the page, but she's also a charming public speaker whose book tour alights upon the Tattered Cover's LoDo location this week, for a signing and discussion led by Jessica Ziegler, author of Science of Parenthood. Visit the Tattered Cover Book Store Facebook events page to learn more.

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