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Gallery Sketches: Three New Shows in Denver and Boulder for May 22-24

It’s a holiday weekend, but the shows must go on: At BMoCA in Boulder, ten artists explore how technology affects creative expression. In Larimer Square collectors can revel in work from three lowbrow masters and at Hinterland, an MFA thesis exhibition melds new media and new ideas. Creativity never sleeps; here are the details on three shows to get out and see.

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
Through September 13

Patty Ortiz, who worked as program director at MCA Denver and director of the Museo de las Americas before moving on to new opportunities in San Antonio, returns to the region to guest-curate Flatlander, an international view of how the flat screen’s two-dimensionality and the age of easy appropriation of imagery have changed our understanding of the world. The museum will host two events — a Contemporary Art 101 talk on June 4 and an expert talk, The Global City, on August 13 — in conjunction with the exhibit.

The Color Kittens
Sally Centigrade Gallery
May 22 through June 13
Opening reception: 5 to 10 p.m. Friday, May 22

Lowbrow art palace Sally Centigrade will showcase street-inspired drawings, paintings and posters by three underground geniuses, including bowling-pin artist Kirsten Easthope, “World’s Best Artist” Mitch O’Connell and lowbrow illustrator Shaunna Peterson (and also offer additional prints for sale by Lindsey Kuhn, Lora Zombie, Camilla d’Errico and Tara McPherson). Party down in the underground: Easthope and Peterson will be in the house for the reception, and beers from Grandma’s House Brewery will be served.

Brandon Gellis, Nature and Science
May 22 through June 5
Opening reception: 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, May 22

Multimedia will take over Hinterland at an interactive exhibition by new media artist Brandon Gellis, a graduate fellow culminating his studies at the University of Denver’s Emergent Digital Practices program. In Nature and Science, he connects the dots between biological swarm patterns and gay male communities. A second reception will take place on First Friday in June.

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