Go retro at Winter Park's "Old School" Winter Carnival this weekend

Kicking off Friday, Winter Park's annual Winter Carnival is bigger than usual this year. Not only is it a celebration of all things winter, but it's the 70th birthday of Winter Park, the 34th birthday of Mary Jane, and the "Old School" theme all but guarantees a variety of neon-hued, pre-synthetic, and ghastly slope fashion from winters past.

"We're just rolling it all into one big celebration," says resort spokesperson Mistalynn Lee. The bash gets going at 7 p.m. this Friday, Jan. 22, with the Annual Chef's Cup Dinner and Dance ($55 advance, $65 door) and continues though Sunday après ski.

Saturday night features a parade and fireworks in downtown Winter Park, and lift crews showcase snow sculptures on the top and bottom of Mary Jane's lifts. There's also snowshoeing and skijoring and human bowling and live music -- check this


for the full schedule. For those who want to party the weekend away in the Fraser Valley, there's also a lodging special: buy a night and get the second one for half-price.

The "Old School" theme includes every decade Winter Park's lifts have been running -- the '40s through the '00s, says Lee. (Note: It's a bit early -- not to mention weird -- to get nostalgic about the '00s.) "I expect to see a lot of '70s and '80s stuff because that's what you can find in thrift stores."

If you need any inspiration, here's a snazzy 1975 catalog page from a trip down memory lane courtesy Ski magazine.

Winter Park Winter Carnival 2010

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