Hendrix and the asteroid movie boom of the late '90s: Michael Fairchild explains the connection

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While we were researching asteroid movies for Monday's honorary tribute to Earth's near collision with an oncoming asteroid, one thing was pretty apparent: In the late '90s there were a relative shit-ton of asteroid/meteorite/comet/basic space-junk-getting-hurled-at-Earth movies. Turns out, Michael Fairchild, author of Rock Prophesy, Hendrix researcher for the Experience Music Project in Seattle and former author of liner notes for many of Hendrix's CDs, already noticed Hollywood's obsession with space rocks and had an inkling why this occurrence took place -- and it all links back to Jimi Hendrix, Paul Allen and Microsoft. Also, it's pretty weird. The theory is pretty complex, so here's a basic outline:

  • Michael Fairchild was hired to work on a movie about Hendrix, which was set to come out in the mid-nineties. He was also working with the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, putting together research.
  • Fairchild sent the transcript of his book, about Hendrix's fascination with asteroids and his prophetic theories, to the Library of Congress right before. . .
  • Fairchild lost his directorial status in the film and his work fell through on the project at the museum when Paul Allen funded a lawsuit filed by Al Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix's father, to break the contract with the company Fairchild worked with and instead signed a contract with him.
  • Paul Allen, who is the co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates, got a hold of Fairchild's manscript during the process of settling the lawsuit. He was connnected with Dreamworks, and consequently gave money to the production of Asteroid, Deep Impact and Armageddon just six months later.

Some people attribute the spike in asteroid movies to a response in public interest in the 1994 occurrence of an asteroid hitting Jupiter, Fairchild writes on his website, but those people are wrong: The asteroid movie craze was in direct response to the theories posited by Hendrix in his unpublished work, which were essentially stolen and manipulated by Paul Allen and Microsoft, according to Fairchild. In case you're still a bit confused (I am), here's some answers from the man behind the theory, Michael Fairchild: Westword: Why would Paul Allen, Microsoft, and Hollywood be so interested in making Asteroid films?

Michael Fairchild: From reading Rock Prophecy in 1995, these moguls recognized The Hendrix Event as miraculous intervention into evolutionary history, previewing our planet's passage through intensely dense debris fields of asteroids, a galactic cloud enshrouding our solar system, pummeling Earth, pushed here by the Great Gamma Blast that arrived at Christmas 2004, seen coming by Jimi and causing the Indian Ocean asteroid-splash tsunami.

Do you believe the films have a purpose other than entertainment?

With such productions and reports, Media of Moguls controls public perception of threat levels, they keep "sheeple" asleep on worker treadmills, siphoning off trillions from global markets with digitally rigged "meltdowns" arranged to funnel slush funds into a new "Noah's Ark" project, building subterranean shelter cites for the "rich" and Space Station condos. Producers of those movies are urgently concerned that the Hendrix connection be "ethnically cleansed" away from association with asteroids. They need to deny and hide our lack of defense, unprepared reality, millennia of set-backs among humans, the "Retarding of History" insight left suppressed, a perception unsaid in the annals of official dominator canons and explanations. Jimi's prediction is the "pigskin" in this football game. All asteroid movies after 1995 are written in reaction to Rock Prophecy.

Did you see Armageddon or Deep Impact? What did you think of those movies?

Both are "rebuttals" to the 1995 Rock Prophecy manuscript that Paul Allen's "DreamWorks Team" was hired to dissect, and refute what the book reveals. An entire Division at DreamWorks Studios is dedicated to Co-Opt Rock Prophecy topics and re-define issues in that book, while censoring any mention of it. Moguls use their mass media empire to "treat" the themes seen in Rock Prophecy. There are dozens of examples. Multiple movie studios are used in this ruse. The main statement they made with those '90s space rock films is "safety" -- through those stories we fantasize that NASA or some other agency has capacity to save us from impact disaster. That's false and it's the opposite of Jimi's vision.

So, um, there you have it. Not even Bruce Willis can save us now.

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