Make fashion out of food for the Whole Foods Challenge

Make fashion out of food for the Whole Foods Challenge

Remember how the designers got all crafty and constructed sweaters out of mop heads and dresses out of plastic cups in the first episode of the current season of Project Runway? Well, with the Whole Foods Challenge you, too, can construct fashion out of food and food-related products and you'll even get the opportunity to have them judged at Tamarac Square's Fall into Fashion show on October 2.

How do you enter? Just head on down to the Tamarac Whole Foods, 7400 East Hampden, today, September 17, to register. You'll need a proof of purchase from the store, but you can shop confidently knowing that not only are you stocking up on useful projects for your future as a reigning couturier, but 5% of your purchase will benefit the Creative Expression Center. For more information, visit

-- Aubrey Shoe

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