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Married at First Sight Recap: Meet Michael's Second Bride, Chloe

With Denver's emotionally unavailable men, Chloe says it'd be "crazier not to" marry a stranger.
Michael stands alone in what should have been his wedding photo after his mystery bride-to-be left him at the altar. But now, he's getting another shot.
Michael stands alone in what should have been his wedding photo after his mystery bride-to-be left him at the altar. But now, he's getting another shot. Poppy & Co. Kelsey Huffer

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The second time's a charm.

In the twelfth episode of Married at First Sight, we finally get to meet the woman who will (probably) be marrying Michael, after he was left at the altar at the beginning of the season in a first for the reality TV show. The new bride-to-be, Chloe, spent the episode wedding dress shopping and emotionally preparing to marry a complete stranger in six days.

The producers left out one detail, though: They did not tell Chloe that she is the second match for her soon-to-be husband after the first choice was a runaway bride. The producers said they didn't want to create any "unnecessary doubt" for Chloe. But maybe she should be doubtful that the same so-called "relationship experts" who matched three failed couples this season didn't even think she and Michael were each other's best fit.

Meanwhile, after Clare and Cameron decided to divorce last episode, Cameron developed a heart condition, which he said was possibly accelerated by the stress of their separation. The news left Clare in tears, saying she wants to support Cameron and maybe they're "meant to be in each other's lives." With 24 days left in the show until decision day, there's still time for a reconciliation, but for now, the couple is holding strong in their decision to split.

Here's what happened on the “Something's Fishy” episode of Married at First Sight, which aired on January 10:

Chloe and Michael
The show's newest romantic hopeful is Chloe, a 39-year-old senior director of development for a nonprofit, who says she was ready to give up on finding a partner before landing her spot on Married at First Sight. She's looking for a man to "die Notebook-style" with, and after working through Denver's ample supply of emotionally unavailable men, she thinks it would be "crazier not to" agree to marry a total stranger. The show's producers said they think she will make a "power couple" with Michael, the 38-year-old tech project manager.

To find Michael's match this time around, the "relationship experts" said they focused more on the potential wife's personality instead of just looking for someone they thought would tolerate Michael's eclectic fashion sense (can you believe the first match didn't work out?). At the very least, so far Chloe seems like she'll make it to the vows; she said she's "never been more excited about anything in my entire life.” But we'll see how long that lasts when she inevitably learns that she's bride number two.

Becca and Austin
Surprise, surprise: The golden couple is still golden. In this episode, photographer Becca took Austin to her studio to shoot family portraits of his friends and their children. Watching Becca play with the kids made Austin so excited to raise a family with her that they went out and bought a pair of fish the next day. Having kids right away "might be a little challenging, so we are substituting," Austin explained. Becca also had dinner with her husband's parents at Flagstaff House in Boulder. His parents and friends all love Becca, calling her "sunshine in a bottle" and "a very pleasant surprise."

Emily and Brennan
Back to the drama. Following last episode's fight at their one-month-anniversary dinner, Brennan is pulling even further away from Emily. Now at his "breaking point," Brennan said he wants them to focus on just being friends. “The pressure of marriage and all that is something I’m just not comfortable with anymore," he explained. During a visit with the show's psychologist, Dr. Pepper, Brennan was asked to name five things he likes about his wife. Between a lot of ums and pauses, he eventually came up with three: she’s caring, "awesome to hang out with," and they "have fun."

The pair later attempted to do a relationship-building Q&A exercise in a hot tub, but Brennan quickly got angry, cursing when he thought Emily was going too quickly and demanded to skip such questions as, "What do you regret giving up on?" or "What's something your partner doesn't know about you?" He soon asked to leave the hot tub, claiming he was going to faint. Emily said he always does this kind of thing to get out of filming, saying, "It's all about him and his appearance." Brennan admits it, too, confessing, "Putting it on camera, I don’t think it does anyone any good. I only want the good to show."

If this is the good, I don't want to see the bad.

For more toxicity, tune in to the next episode of Married at First Sight, on Wednesday, January 17. 
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