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Married at First Sight Recap: Another Couple Divorces, Former Contestant is Offered New Bride

Clare and Cameron's marriage is coming to an end, but Michael's journey is only beginning.
Clare and Cameron pose for wedding portraits moments after getting married — and meeting each other for the very first time.
Clare and Cameron pose for wedding portraits moments after getting married — and meeting each other for the very first time. MadisonLeighCreative
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One door closes, another one opens.

On the eleventh episode of Married at First Sight, Clare and Cameron decided to divorce after 31 days of marriage. The couple called it quits in a very public fashion during the group's one-month anniversary dinner — but somehow that wasn't even the most uncomfortable part of the meal (I'm looking at you, Emily and Brennan). Clare and Cameron are the third failed pairing out of the five original couples, with a whopping twelve episodes still left in the first Denver-based season of the reality TV show.

But as their marriage comes to an end, a new relationship is just beginning. Michael — the first contestant to ever be left at the altar earlier this season — is giving marrying a stranger a second try.

In this latest episode, the show's producers offered Michael the chance to be matched with a different woman from the season's initial pool of applicants. Michael's friends were understandably hesitant, pointing out that these are the same so-called "relationship experts" that matched him with his runaway bride. But Michael is ready to be hurt again, and since they revealed his fiancée's name and face this time, I think she'll actually say "I do."

Here's what happened on the “Taking It Day by Day” episode of Married at First Sight, which aired on January 3:

Clare and Cameron
It's finally the end of the line for everyone's favorite awkward friendship couple. After weeks of lamenting their lack of sexual attraction and differing views on family and religion, Cameron moved out of their shared apartment, fearing he was getting too attached to Clare when their relationship wasn't going to work out long-term. After a few days apart, the pair reunited at the Rouge Wine Bar in Greenwood Village for a one-month anniversary dinner with the other two remaining couples. In front of everyone, Cameron announced that it was time to make a decision once and for all.

“On the count of three, say if you want a divorce or you want to keep trying,” he said to Clare, as their tablemates screamed for them to please not do that. One, two, three: "Divorce," they both said. The pair said they don't regret the time spent with one another, with Clare calling Cameron her best friend and Cameron saying Clare made him a better man. They returned to their apartment together and flipped through a book of their wedding photos (a poorly timed anniversary gift from the producers). In the end, they promised to stay in each other's lives. That's probably the happiest ending you can ask for from a show like this.

Becca and Austin
The golden couple's strategy to avoid serious discussions for as long as possible came crashing down when Austin let it slip that he thinks his wife might be going to hell. In tears, Becca (who is agnostic) said it made her "feel less than" after her Christian husband said he can love her in this lifetime, even if they likely won't be spending the afterlife together. After some video chats with the show's pastor and Becca's Catholic friend, Austin agreed to re-evaluate his beliefs about his wife's eternal damnation. Despite their religious differences, the pair is pretty happy and slowly inching toward saying the L word. In true middle-school style, Austin proclaimed “I love liking you" on their monthiversary.

Emily and Brennan
Emily is nearing her breaking point with Brennan, who continues to be utterly closed off in their marriage, refusing their counselor's advice to go to therapy or try intimacy exercises with his wife — though he generously offered to start giving Emily hugs. During the group dinner, Emily snapped when Brennan again repeated that he is taking their relationship "day by day" to see if his feelings materialize. She stormed away from the table, rejecting Brennan's offer to come with, though Clare followed after her. “At what point does this just look sad for me?” Emily asked while crying (the answer: about three episodes ago). After dinner, Brennan said he knows Emily is putting way more effort into their marriage than he is but, “with how I’m feeling, this is all I got.” Owch.

To meet Michael's new stranger bride, Chloe, tune in to the next episode of Married at First Sight, on Wednesday, January 10. 
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