Menswear Mondays: Business student Jiadong Qiu on his Asian-inspired style

St. Patrick's day weekend has come to a close, ending the sea of green on the streets. Many people went over the top, drowning themselves in the emerald hue (and beer), but a few sported green subtlely. This week we spotted Community College of Denver business student Jiadong Qiu rocking green in a layered look. Continue reading to find out how Asian culture inspires his fashion, where he shops, and how his style mantra changes depending on the occasion.

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Name: Jiadong Qiu.

Spotted at: Colfax and Lipan streets.

Profession: I'm currently attending the Community College of Denver for business.

Favorite film: I really enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

2013 jam: "Fuckin' Problems," by A$AP Rocky, featuring Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar.

Style inspirations/icons: Edison Chen is a big influence from Hong Kong. He's a film actor, musician, producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer.

Favorite color: Orange.

Favorite accessory: Shoes. I have about a dozen pairs.

Style mantra: I tell myself, "Just get going" if I have to go to school that day, but if I'm going on a date with a girl, I will put more effort into my look and dress up.

Shops at: Sometimes at the Cherry Creek mall, and I order online from a Japanese clothing line called EVISU.

These are classic white Nike Air Force Ones. "Wear whatever you want," Qiu says. "Whatever style you think suits you, wear that one." This tan Hershel backpack is a nice contrast to the black-and-neon-green Adidas logo on the back of Qiu's track jacket. Qiu moved to Denver last year and is a native of China. This a a shot from the rooftop of LoDo's during Keggs and Eggs on Friday morning, when green filled the streets. The most common fashions were green message T-shirts that said things like, "Kiss me, I'm Irish" and were paired with green beads and shot glasses.

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Style analysis: The past weekend encouraged many to be flamboyant with their apparel, but only a select few managed to do St. Paddy's Day style right. Qiu's look demonstrates how he incorporates pieces of China's culture into his own style. He takes cues from Hong Kong by channeling entrepreneur Edison Chen, and he purchases pieces from the Japanese luxury brand EVISU. Qiu also combines those Asian elements with American hip-hop fashion staples in the form of his Air Force One kicks and Adidas track jacket.

Never be afraid to fuse fashion from your homeland and your current home, Denver.

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