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Menswear Mondays: Industrial dancer Jolt Holcomb on his Clockwork Orange style

While it's easy to be a film enthusiast, only a select few individuals live their lives by the aesthetics of their favorite one. This is the case with industrial dancer Jolt Holcomb and his No. 1 movie: A Clockwork Orange. (For proof, look no further than the photo above this paragraph.) Continue reading to find out why Holcomb loves the film (and novel) so much, where he shops and what his style mantra is.

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Name: Jolt Holcomb.

Spotted at: 16th and Welton

Profession: Dancing -- I'm on of the top ten industrial dancers of the world.

Favorite film: A Clockwork Orange.

2013 jam: "Just like Clockwork" by the Lower Class Brats.

Style inspirations/icons: Malcolm McDowell and Adam Sandler

Favorite color: Black

Favorite accessory: My derby hat

Style mantra: "S.A.L.A.," which means shower, Axe shower gel, then laundry and Axe spray.

Shops at: I get patches at Black and Red, stop by Target for normal stuff and use eBay for all of my A Clockwork Orange gear.

Holcomb put a ton of safety pins on his pullover hoodie to give it his own personal stamp. His tall shoes are made of black leather and feature one black lace and one white lace. "Music, action, and rebellion fueled The Addicts -- one of my favorite bands -- and A Clockwork Orange. I love the movie, the clothes, and the book," says Holcomb.

Style analysis: While you can easily dress up like A Clockwork Orange protagonist Alex Delarge for Halloween, Holcomb embraces the film as a lifestyle while dressing as Alex might if he were alive in today's world.

Always live a lifestyle inspired by your favorite art, Denver.

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