Menswear Mondays: Metro student Peyton Kyer on his furry style

The weekend's mixture of snow and sunshine has caused many of us to bundle up, rock sunglasses or both. One unusual accessory we spotted during the strange weather stint was a purple furry tail, sported by student Peyton Kyer. Continue reading to find out about Kyer's fascination with furry culture, where he shops and what other underground styles influence his look.

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Name: Peyton Kyer.

Spotted at: Auraria Campus.

Profession: Student at Metropolitan State University of Denver working on my BFA in Art Education.

Favorite film: The original Star Wars trilogy.

2013 jam: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons.

Style inspirations/icons: Furries with their tails and ears. A lot of my style revolves around goth fashion, too. I like trip jackets and trip pants. Underground looks inspire my style.

Favorite color: Purple.

Favorite accessory: My purple furry tail.

Style mantra: What am I going to look cute in today? Also, what am I going to look completely badass in? It switches between the two.

Shops at: Hot Topic, Buckle Bees and thrift stores.

This is the tail that caught our attention. Of his furry fashion sense, Kyer says, "I'm a furry, so I like to represent furry pride. I like the spiritual side of furries rather than the sexual side that they are usually associated with. Furries have a deeper connection to animals and nature. They're a type of druid, if you will."

Along with his purple tail and black leather jacket, Kyer rocks a variety of rings. Kyer's grandmother gave him this white gold ring with two diamonds on each side of a purple stone.

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Kyer also wears his class ring from high school, which features a green stone. His necklace and ring both include pentagrams. On his personal style, Kyer says, "This is who I am. I like showing the pride of what I believe in. This is who I am, and if you don't like it it, that's kind of your own problem."

Style analysis: While it's easy to dress simply and conservatively, few take fashion risks by wearing purple furry tails to class like Kyer does. He takes cues from goth culture with his pentagrams and black leather, yet he is connected to the spirituality of furries with his tail and love of nature. He even matches his bangs to his tail, and both are purple, his favorite color. The overall effect of his style is cute badassery.

Never be afraid to be the true furry self, Denver.

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