Menswear Mondays: student Walter Vasquez on his grey anti-fashion

It's crunch time for the students of Auraria Campus since today marks the beginning of finals week. It can be easy during stressful times to leave the house in a hoodie and sweatpants. Luckily, students like Walter Vasquez still found time to dress fashionably. Read here to learn where he shops, what music he listens to, and who his style inspirations are.

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Name: Walter Vasquez.

Spotted at: Auraria campus.

Profession: I'm a student majoring at sociology at Metropolitan State University of Denver. I also work for a company that caters private jets.

Favorite film: Good Will Hunting.

2013 jam: I like any music that is by Silvio Rodriguez. He is from Cuba so he is into into political messages and his music falls into the Latin American spectrum.

Style inspirations/icons: No one. My icons don't dress the way I do. My icon is Che Guevara. His mentality, his point of view, his honesty, and his humanity are all things that I look up to. Walking around society if I see something I like I'll wear it, but there is nothing specific that I look for.

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite accessory: Shoes.

Style mantra: I don't say anything honestly. I just grab things from my closet and see if they look good. I don't have a ritual.

Shops at: Anywhere and everywhere. Things that are cheap, really. I try not to spend that much money. I bought my jacket at Macy's; it was on sale for $25.

"People can wear whatever they feel like wearing. I don't do it for fashion, I just do it because I like it," says Vasquez. "I moved here from Peru twelve years ago. Peru is a lot different than here; people can't afford what I'm wearing unfortunately." The boots were a gift, and are from Aldo. The canvas messenger bag is from American Eagle.

Style analysis: Although Vasquez believes in the anti-consumerism that his role model and revolutionary activist Che Guevara represents, he is still able to demonstrate nice menswear on a budget. His grey leather jacket matches his grey boots from Aldo. His canvas bag and pants are both neutral colors that break up the outfit. This menswear serves a function: to be warm and stylish. Although Vasquez cares not for material goods or brand names, he shops from Macy's sale section and understands that everyone dresses based on their moods. Vasquez cares more about humanity than the fashion industry, but he respects fashion because it is a reflection of a certain culture and beliefs. He has observed two clashing cultures: that of Peru and Denver, and formed his own fashion identity in a liminal space between the two.

Stay true to your beliefs and culture, not to brand names or trends, Denver.

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