Menver Pilot Premieres Tonight at the Mayan
Courtesy of Marty Lindsey

Menver Pilot Premieres Tonight at the Mayan

Marty Lindsey and Jason Knauf were on the set of a film they were working on together in Denver when they began talking about the local dating scene. Within seconds, stories about how difficult it is being a single man in the Mile High City came pouring out.

“The floodgates opened. We made each other laugh harder with those stories than with the movie we were working on,” Lindsey recalls.

Those tales about the trials and tribulations of men searching for potential partners will now have their own place on the screen. What began as a conversation between two friends is being transformed into a TV series called Menver, which tracks the lives of two single men as they search for love in a city that seems to offer so many more options for straight single women, and shows "just how godawful it is to be a single guy in Denver." The pilot will premiere tonight, June 28, at the Mayan Theater.

Menver Pilot Premieres Tonight at the MayanEXPAND
Courtesy of Hilary Afshary

Denver has developed quite a reputation over the past decade as a city where single women are few amid an oversaturation of single men. A 2015 survey by the U.S. Census Bureau confirmed this: Never married males outnumbered their never-married counterparts by 19,000.

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But despite this male-skewed stat, Lindsey thinks the Menver problem was even worse five or ten years ago. “There was a time when you would go out for a beer and 90 percent of the people in the place were men,” he says.

Not only does the series share stories that single men in Denver can relate to, but it also has an all-Colorado cast. If the pilot gets picked up by a network, Menver could bring a TV production project to a city that craves more film work almost more than its residents do dates.

And with that, an influx of single female actresses looking for mates could help Denver shake its alter ego of Menver.

Menver screens at 7 and 8 p.m. tonight at the Mayan Theater, 110 Broadway. To attend the premiere, RSVP on Facebook.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.